Let me tell you a story...

and it begins with a bump.

The kind that grows from the inside out. The one that turns into tiny eyelashes and sticky feet with duck fluff instead of hair and eyes that barely stay open. The only human who knows what your heartbeat sounds like from the inside out... Let me remind you that before your own eyes, a black and white photo strip on the fridge became the core of your world. This season of your life will fly by, and you will keep a few artifacts. Let photographs be one of them. Let me tell you the greatest love story you'll ever know... yours.

Hi! I'm Jaime. I take an ethereal, sun-drenched and unapologetic approach to capturing your family's story, each baby step at a time. I aim to capture the in-between moments- the ones that you might miss if you didn't have them frozen in time. These are the years you'll look back on and miss, the ones you want to squeeze a little tighter before they're gone....the love and chaos that comes with parenthood and growing up.